In Modesto, CA, maintaining clean and healthy indoor air is essential for your comfort and well-being, and at Cencal Mechanical Heating & Air, Inc., we are your trusted air filtration experts dedicated to providing superior indoor air quality solutions. Our team specializes in a wide range of air filtration systems tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Keeping your home at the right temperature all year round is always important to us at Cencal Mechanical Heating & Air, Inc.. But making sure the air you’re breathing in your home is clean and healthy is also our priority. We install high-efficiency HVAC systems with industry-leading air filtration technology. The experts at Cencal Mechanical Heating & Air, Inc. can upgrade your existing furnace or air conditioner’s filtration, too! We fit today’s most advanced air filters with your existing HVAC systems. Our indoor air quality (IAQ) specialists can help keep your family healthier and happier with clean, contaminant-free air for your whole home.