Because mini-split systems only cool the specific areas you desire, ductless air conditioning is a very energy-efficient home cooling method. Cooling is focused on desired areas and cool air is never sent to unoccupied rooms (unless you leave the unit on!)

Since cool air is cooled as it passes over the AC unit, there is no loss of cooling as air travels through ducts around your home. This means your AC can work less to reach your desired temperature.

Mini-split systems used for heating are also more energy-efficient. Instead of creating heat with fossil fuels, mini-splits transfer heat to your indoor air.

The answer to this question depends on your cooling needs as a homeowner. Central air conditioning allows you to control the temperature of your entire living space from one central source. Every part of your home cools consistently.

Central AC is more convenient to install if you have existing ductwork from a heating system. But installing central air conditioning and ducts throughout your home can become costly and isn’t always practical.

If there are parts of your home you don’t use very often, or many rooms that don’t require cooling, a ductless, or mini-split AC system may be best. Here are some benefits of ductless AC:

  • Efficient cooling with minimal energy loss.
  • Cool only your rooms that get the hottest.
  • Effectively cool home additions.
  • Cool rooms without the space for ducts or vents.

Our HVAC specialists at Cencal Mechanical can help you decide ont he best type of cooling after a home comfort consultation.

Each indoor unit in a mini-split air conditioning system is designed to cool a specific room. To keep multiple rooms and areas of your home cool, especially during the hottest days, you’ll require multiple indoor blower units. Each one of these units represents a “zone”.

A multi-zone system refers to ductless air conditioning that includes inside units in several areas of your home. Up to 5 units are connected back to a single outside AC condenser. This is ideal when you want to cool multiple rooms but don’t have existing ductwork.

Ductless AC, or a mini-split air conditioning system, works by connecting an inside blower unit directly to an outside condenser unit. These units are connected with electrical wiring and refrigerant tubing through a hole in an exterior wall.

The inside unit is mounted to a wall or a ceiling and cools a specific room or area of your home. Ductless air conditioning is similar to the old window air conditioners. But instead of taking up valuable window space, mini-splits are discrete and less noisy.

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