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Stop sweating it out during summer! Let our cooling specialists at Cencal Mechanical equip your home with an air conditioning system suited for your living space. We’ll help you decide between a central or ductless AC system and always make sure your cooling unit is sized perfectly.

Tired of rising energy bills? Our selection of high-efficiency air conditioners keeps those cooling costs down! Our team has installed thousands of AC upgrades for California homeowners who want to enjoy an energy-conscious, climate-controlled home. After all, you deserve comfort!

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Our specialists are experts when it comes to quoting your AC installation. You’ll be given a total price for a completed AC install before we start the job. There’s never a payment surprise when you choose Cencal.

Cencal Mechanical remains a family-owned and operated business with humble beginnings in Modesto, CA. We’re proud to have grown our reach and our team, but our community values have never wavered.

At Cencal Mechanical, we believe everybody deserves to stay comfortable in their own home. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans and financing options for AC Installations. Contact our team for more information on your household’s financing options.

//Air Conditioning Installations FAQs

You can always contact our team with questions about air conditioning installations, upgrades, or replacements. Here are some questions our customers often ask!

How Long Will a New Air Conditioner Last?

Your new air conditioner will always benefit from proper care and routine maintenance. You can expect new equipment to operate normally for at least 10 years and over 15 years for well-maintained units.

Our AC installations are completed with the utmost attention to detail and designed to maximize each model’s lifespan. Dealing with AC repairs swiftly, as your unit reaches the decade mark, is another way to help your cooling system last longer.

How Long Does an AC Installation Take?

No two installations are exactly the same. Several factors impact an air conditioning install timeline. These include:

  • The type of air conditioning we are installing: ductless mini-split or central AC.
  • The quality of existing ductwork in your home and whether or not we are adding ductwork (for central AC systems).
  • The size and space we are working with to install your central air conditioning. Cramped spaces can increase installation time.
  • The size and model of your AC unit.
  • Ease of access to the installation areas.

Cencal diagnostic experts do their absolute best to give you an accurate quote on expected installation timelines. That said, many new AC installs can be completed within one day. But we’ll always communicate expectations before your purchase.

What’s a High-Efficiency Air Conditioner?

High-efficiency air conditioners are considered energy efficient compared to older or more basic AC units. A SEER rating of at least 13 is necessary to qualify an air conditioner as high-efficiency.

Our cooling pros at Cencal Mechanical can help you find a high-efficiency cooling system that fits your living space and budget. We’ll always optimize your HVAC systems for better performance as part of any AC installation.

Should I Repair or Replace My Cooling System?

The decision to replace or repair cooling equipment should always be made with the advice of our experts at Cencal Mechanical. We can evaluate the age and health of your system and give you a realistic forecast for future repairs.

Every home’s cooling is unique. But generally, an air conditioner 10 years or older should be considered for an upgrade. As HVAC systems age and the repair frequency increases, there comes a time when a new cooling system will save you money in the long run.

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Our Total Satisfaction

We never consider an AC installation a job well done until we hear it from you! Plus your home is left cleaner than we found it.

The Cencal Craftsmanship Guarantee

The Cencal Craftsmanship Guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind with our parts and labor guarantee on every AC installation. Your new AC equipment and our workmanship is GUARANTEED FOR 10 YEARS after your install date.

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