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Even those old full metal mechanical thermostats eventually break down. When your heating or cooling cuts out, sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint the problem. But here are some signs that your thermostat might be the culprit for a heating system that’s not working:

  • Your thermostat is not turning on heating or cooling.
  • Your thermostat is showing the wrong temperature.
  • Your thermostat shows inconsistent temperatures.
  • Your thermostat is showing a blank or faint screen.
  • Your thermostat is causing short-cycling or excessively turning on and off.

Whether you have an old-school mercury thermostat, a newer digital unit, or an advanced smart system, our service specialists at Cencal can assess the issue and get your thermostat working right. Your thermostat is always a good place to start when your heating or cooling system isn’t working right.

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